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Great! I can't wait to see what happens next.

This is cool, Brickhouse Betty has a storyline. Make more of them like this!

Classic Joe! That was great

Great Job Joe as always!

Nice graphics but needs more plot

You did a great job on the graphics on this animation. But I would have liked to have seen what the boys nightmares were since that's what the bedbug implanted into him. Maybe monsters tearing him apart or being eaten alive by bugs...you get the picture. The music should have been creepier.

Keep up the good work!

GrimEntertainment responds:

Thanks a lot and iam glad you liked it! Maybe i do a sequal and ┬┤show the nightmare, thanks again!

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ok game for Thxgiving.

It was pretty good for only putting in 15 minutes into building it. I think if you spent a couple hours on this you could enhance the graphics alot and maybe add some more sound effects like have the hunter scream in pain when a turkey gets to him. Maybe even add a pig running across horizontally for extra points.

Good job!

Great E-card!

Nothing says Bahh-Humbug like taking down Santa Claus!
Glad to see some Christmas submissions already! Santa did look alittle thin though.

I think if you added some little kid come in on scene like when you machine gun Santa, The kid starts to cry but then goes into a rage and attacks the sniper with a string of Christmas lights or throwing cookies like ninja stars, that would be funny.

Great job, keep it up!

Cool game but it does glitch

I got the game up to level 81 when it glitched the level with the instructions. That and I had to turn the graphics down to low and this is a high end machine. Cool concept but maybe add when you get done defending that space station you move up rank and go to another space station and defend that. Other than that Great Game!

No matter where you go there you are...If you can't grasp reality then at least grasp the idea that we are someone's computer game gone haywire!

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